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A more permanent home for my idiotic thoughts and hot takes which do not warrant an article.

Assholes on Twitter

I can in earnest say that Tuomas Enbuske is a misogynistic asshole. My Twitter notifications have exploded during the past 24 hours after criticising his rather sad view of how money and wealth are the only attractive features a male can have in the eyes of a female. Likewise, only facial symmetry matters for males. The cherry on top of the cake is that apparently only the poor have substance abuse issues.

There's a lot of hateful rhetoric thrown around social media platforms that rarely gets challenged. I've tried to do my part in both opening up a dialogue or simply criticising and trying to dissect what I consider abusive views.

I guess we're not in any unique situation if we look back in history, but to me, it feels like the past decade has only been worse when it comes to equality and public discourse in general. It saddens me and fills me with apathy and general distrust in the future.

Hacker News and "experts"

I've been growingly frustrated with Hacker News lately. Either my reading into things have changed or people seem to bicker more.

The fast few threads I've taken a part in, users have been fighting about UX, painting their opinions as universal truths. Oh, and apparently 70WPM makes you an expert typist and warrants a "tutorial" post. People these days, I tell you.

First proper text!

Sat Sri Akaal! This is me testing this note system. I might start syndicating these to Twitter in lieu of posting there directly. #BLM is happening at the moment in the world and I'm losing faith (implying I haven't already, hah) in the great big social media platforms.

I'm not a fan of censorship and I vehemently support freedom of speech, but I do think that social media platforms have an obligation to the common good to apply their own personal moral compass and moderate the allowed content based on those. There is no freedom of speech when you're using some company's product and so it should be.

Long story short, Jack and Mark should give the boot to Trump.